The Guardian: Aletha AduJessica Elgot and Kiran Stacey

“More senior Conservatives have hit out at Suella Braverman’s “racist rhetoric”, accusing her of undermining the party for the sake of her own leadership ambitions.”





The London Economic by Jack Peat.

“Medical professionals, business leaders and faith communities have united in their condemnation of the home secretary’s irresponsible and divisive rhetoric on child sexual exploitation.”

The Guardian, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi Opinion

“As a Conservative parliamentarian, it’s painfully disappointing to see these comments being made under the most diverse cabinet in history. I do not believe Sunak shares Braverman’s extreme views”


The Mirror- David Burke

“It just disturbs me that first it was migrants, then it was asylum seekers, then it was British Pakistani males. Today she’s defending a landlord who thinks it’s ok to have golliwogs hanging in his pub and talk about it on social networks and say they used to hang them in Mississippi not so long ago.”

Sky News with Dr Shahid Latif

“In a series of joint letters to the prime minister, Muslim leaders from across the country have urged the prime minister to “separate himself” from Ms Braverman’s comments, which they called on her to withdraw.”