Entering the UK political sphere

Following the successful launch of the Aspire Mentorship Programme, The BPF is excited to announce our newest Coaching programme, designed to inspire new British Pakistani voices to join the political world!

VISION: We believe in empowering the British Pakistani community to be more politically active to strengthen our community’s voices in a constantly evolving UK.

MISSION: Using the vast knowledge of the British Pakistani political network, we want to create a Mentoring platform that introduces its Mentees to the intricate and specialised systems of UK Politics.

GOAL: The project aims to introduce Mentees to the rich community of British Pakistani members in various political spheres and help build a local understanding of how UK politics connect to their daily lives.

WHY BPF: The core values of the British Pakistan Foundation are to Empower, Unite and Engage the community by building the influence of British Pakistani communities in parliament and parties ensuring equal opportunities for future generations.

Our 1:1 Coaching programme will bring you expert advice on opportunities available to those interested in holding office either at an association, local gov, regional or parliamentary level.

This includes signposting you to existing events and training activities along with specialised mentoring initiatives that already exist.

So if you’re interested in making a difference, then sign up today by sending us your name, contact details (email & phone no) and a short statement on what you are looking to achieve through the programme.

Programme Outline:

  • The programme begins with group mentoring to a cohort of carefully selected Mentees interested in politics (non-partisan), running in cycles of 6 months.
  • Supplemented by 1:1 coaching where your mentor will map a road to achieve the Mentee’s goals including sharing research, reading material, events, training activities or existing specialised mentoring initiatives.
  • After 6 months Mentees fall into programmes networks that already exist, based on party affiliation.
  • The Programme aims to engage with cross-party British Pakistani MPs and councillors so Mentees can learn from their first-hand experience.
  • The Programme will include hosting community events in target seats to help Mentees engage with the public and help bring spread awareness about political agendas that would benefit the British Pakistani community.

Benefits of the Programme: 

  • 1:1 guidance ensures a private and amicable atmosphere for candidates to grow and openly discuss how to overcome the challenges and demands involved in pursuing a political journey.
  • Helps participants make sense of all the different types of training and support available and take only the ones that are most suited to them.
  • Showcasing the parties that exist and the support it has to offer – not something people know about until they come looking for information.
  • The programme is offered in a mix of Urdu and English.

The scheme is open to all Members of the British Pakistan Foundation. To become a member, sign up here to our newsletter today

How do I apply?

Please send your CV and Cover Letter stating your political ambitions to info@bpfuk.org.

How can I find out more?

If you have any further questions about how the scheme operates, please contact the BPF Office on info@bpfuk.org.