Outstanding British Pakistanis

Across the community, in the last 50 years, the contributions of British Pakistanis to society are vast and varied. Ranging from pioneering doctors and humanitarians to history-making politicians, these outstanding individuals are stepping up as role models for the next generation. The Outstanding British Pakistani programme showcases the successes of these contributors and celebrates their achievements with them.

The Outstanding British Pakistanis Programme covers a special feature and interview in our monthly newsletter with an illustrious British Pakistani who has made a positive contribution in their profession, local community, charity etc. to serve as a “role model” for our community to inspire the next generation of leaders. Please find below some of the illustrious British Pakistanis featured in our newsletters each month:

ShahidAzeem – June 2017

ShahidAzeem – June 2017

ShahidAzeem is an award winning British-Pakistani entrepreneur andphilanthropist, and one of Surrey’s best-known business leaders. In addition to a string of successful businesses, he has been named one of the Top 100 most influential Muslims in the UK by Royal Bank...

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Raishma Islam – May 2017

Raishma Islam – May 2017

BPF caught up with British Pakistani fashion designer Raishma Islam, who worked as anAssistant Designer to Elizabeth Emanuel, famed for creating Princess Diana’s iconic wedding dress, she then was inspired to launch her self- named label in 1998 after much...

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Sadiq Khan – May 2016

Sadiq Khan, Europe’s most powerful Muslim politician, is an inspiration to the community, all Britons and the world at large, and a success story that motivates us all. Khan is also BPF’s illustrious British Pakistani of the month! At this landmark moment in world...

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Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad – March 2020

Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad, PhD is a Senior Research Scientist and a Teaching Fellow at Cambridge Graphene Centre, The Department of Engineering at The University of Cambridge. He is the first Space Scientist from Pakistan at the University of Cambridge. His research work...
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Rabia Bhatti – February 2020

Formerly one of the youngest ethnic female politicians in the country, Rabia Bhatti is a young leader of leading vision and inspiration with a reputation of excellence. With a background in politics, Rabia is a college governor for the largest educational institution...
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Ahmed Farooq – January 2020

Interview with Ahmed Farooq, Chief Financial Officer at Wesleyan Assurance Society: Ahmed became Chief Financial Officer of Wesleyan, a specialist financial mutual for doctors, dentists, teachers and lawyers,  in November 2015.  Having joined Wesleyan in 2010, he was...
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Hammad Akhtar – December 2019

How did you get started in your career? When I completed my (non-law) undergraduate degree I faced a choice: to study law or undertake a Phd in management. Law appealed because of the US TV show LA Law and because my dad told me it did! I started my career at Herbert...
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Samia Latif – October 2019

Why did you choose Public Health? I trained as a doctor and am currently a consultant in Public Health, more specifically, a Consultant in Communicable Disease Control. I work in the health protection team at Public Health England (PHE) East Midlands. Throughout my...
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Mohammad Shoaib Memon – September 2019

Mohammad Shoaib Memon is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Europe Arab Bank plc and a director of a number of companies of the Group in Europe. He was also the Interim Chief Executive Officer of the Bank during 2018 responsible for management of the Bank’s...
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Adil Javed – August 2019

How did you get started in your career? Wow, ok, let me see…..which career shall I start with?! I think when I look back I actually started acting at a very early age, actors are spontaneous and have to be able to adjust to situations quickly and I used those skills...
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Dr Shahid Latif – July 2019

How did you get started in your career? I graduated as a doctor in 1995 and have been working in Psychiatry since 1997. I’ve always had a keen interest in the human psych and how we operate on a day to day basis from a psychological perspective. I became a consultant...
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 Shahzad Younas – June 2019

How did you get started in your career? Graduated in comp sci...but back in 2005, Finance and trading was the hot sector to be in, so I applied for an internship at Morgan Stanley in trading....and Alhamdullilah got my first (and only job) after that!  I rose up the...
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Sheikh Bilal Khan – April 2019

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