Across the community, in the last 50 years, the contributions of British Pakistanis to society are vast and varied. Ranging from pioneering doctors and humanitarians to history-making politicians, these outstanding individuals are stepping up as role models for the next generation. The Outstanding British Pakistani programme showcases the successes of these contributors and celebrates their achievements with them.

The Outstanding British Pakistanis Programme covers a special feature and interview in our monthly newsletter with an illustrious British Pakistani who has made a positive contribution in their profession, local community, charity etc. to serve as a “role model” for our community to inspire the next generation of leaders. Please find below some of the illustrious British Pakistanis featured in our newsletters each month:

Sarmad Masud – October 2017

This Fall BPF got up close and personal in an exclusive interview with the unparalleled and talented film-maker, writer and director Sarmad Masud. His monumental feature film, 'My Pure Land' was the first British Pakistani short film to be nominated for an...
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Shamshad Ahmed – September 2016

This September, we caught up with candid and brilliantly funny, Shamshad Ahmed, CEO and founder of Smart Cells, a private UK stem cell storage company that is changing the way we think about umbilical cords. Once discarded as medical waste, the blood left in the...
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Noreen Khan – August 2016

This month, we're celebrating the stunning and mesmerisingly sweet Noreen Khan, BBC radio presenter and DJ, as our Outstanding British Pakistani of the month. Hosting Asian Radio Network's most-listened to show, we got up close and personal with Noreen about her...
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Dr. Zafar Iqbal – July 2016

BPF caught up with Dr. Zafar Iqbal, Pakistani-born Head of Sports Medicine at Crystal Palace FC and first team doctor to the football team – an illustrious career many football fans would love to have. Dr. Iqbal has served as Head of Sports Medicine at Liverpool FC,...
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Sarah Sarhandi – June 2016

BPF caught up with half-English, half-Pakistani violist, Sarah Sarhandi during Alchemy Festival at Southbank last month. Her work has been described as an “individual story, that of a person with joint British and Pakistani heritage and the experiences, stories,...
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Sadiq Khan – May 2016

Sadiq Khan, Europe’s most powerful Muslim politician, is an inspiration to the community, all Britons and the world at large, and a success story that motivates us all. Khan is also BPF’s illustrious British Pakistani of the month! At this landmark moment in world...
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