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The Women’s Network at the British Pakistan Foundation held its first panel discussion entitled, “Women Building Britain: Trouble in the Pipeline?”. This event brought together British Pakistani professionals from across industry sectors to discuss challenges women face in climbing the professional ladder in Britain. The discussion was led by Carol Rosati, the Global Head of Inspire, and Kamel Hothi, Director of Lloyd Bank’s Ethnic Minority Network.

Carol focused on the positive developments with regard to gender equality in the work place, while also stressing the importance of celebrating achievements and learning the ‘rules of engagement’ in a male dominated work place. Meanwhile, Kamel focused her talk on the challenges Asian women face in balancing family and cultural commitments with the demands of the professional world, emphasizing the importance of always being passionate about ones identities while remaining committed to long term professional goals.

The event was initiated with a brief Ahmereen Reza, CEO of British Pakistan Foundation and the panel was initiated Ahlya Fateh, Director of BPF.

The evening commenced with an energized Q&A session and a networking reception thereafter.

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The Women’s Network at the British Pakistan Foundation aims to bring together professional British Pakistani women from across industry sectors and levels of seniority to create a space for ideas exchange, capacity building, knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer support.