Trailblazers in Medicine

Part one of the ‘Trail Blazers In Medicine’ Lecture Series highlights the work of Dr ‘Peppy’ Brock (Chairperson of UK Aid to Pakistan) moderated by Dr Kaukab Rajput.

Dr Peppy Brock started with a dream to become a doctor which led her on a journey to a new country, a new language and new opportunities. She went on to become a consultant at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world. Her discoveries in medicine led to a treatment that reduced the side effects of chemotherapy in babies and children!

Dr Brock’s Full Presentation is attached below.

20th February 2024

Spotlight on Zahra Khan

On episode 6 of the “Spotlight” series, we speak

27th April 2023

Voice of a People – Decolonisation of Thought & Identity Through Conversation & Poetry

Voice of a People – Detailed Event Agenda Decolonization

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