UKVibe.TV is an organisation ‘launched by the youth, to inspire the youth’. They believe holding a positive attitude is the key foundation to motivating young people to make positive changes to the world around them, whatever their background. UKVibe.TV primarily create documentary-styled videos on YouTube of remarkable people and organisations that are changing the world for the better. They also focus on producing other digital content on social media to enlighten, motivate and inspire others, to excite passion among the generation of tomorrow. They want to promote successful people to dissuade stigma and stereotypes away from young teens so that they can pursue their dreams and aspirations, like the people and groups that are featured.

Currently, they are working on a film project in Pakistan. The plan is to visit the cities and film 10 episodes of ‘Success Stories’ with 10 people who they believe are influential, successful and inspirational to the people of Pakistan. Along with these main videos, there will be a number of behind the scenes vlog episodes, which documents the journey and the filming process itself.

In conjunction, each video will have a transcript, which will be available on a blog. At the end of the process, they aim to have a screening at a University in Pakistan, where students can get a first look at a few episodes and ask questions in a short Q&A session.

See videos by UkVibe.TV here: