Have you ever thought
About the beauty
The resonance of a word
Its shape its tone
The impact of when it is heard
Did you ever know
The smile it can bring
Even make hearts sing
Some maybe sad
May even make you weep
But that is the wonder of a word
It can lift nations when put together
With other words in a formation
A rhythm, a rise, a fall, then a pause
Many a word has driven a cause
It has broken men and made women
On love and romance and broken hearts
It is this flow of words like a gentle stream
Or a roaring river on a sunny day
Maybe thunderstorms on their way
Then a stillness abrupt or calm
Flowering unfolding in front of you
The power the softness of a beautiful word
Unyielding unrelenting on its way
The sweetness the heartache deep within
This universe of words a cosmic fusion
Yet simple and powerful to unite divide
To soar and dip and silence our hidden cries
Comfort and hope that is the beauty
Have you ever thought about
The power and majesty of a simple word