One of our BPF members, Rafiq Chohan, submitted a fantastic poem to mark the BPF Spoken Word & Open Mic: Exploring Identity event on Thursday 9th August at SOAS. Check it out below:
Who are you who am I?
Look in the distant sky
Can you not see eternity?
Like me beyond infinity

Our quarrels of land
Laughed out of hand
We will both be dust
In that can you not trust

The universe and beyond
The foolish life you are fond
Will be gone in speed of light
Yet you sustain this futile fight
I embrace and know the might

Yet you are just a man
Unaware of the final plan
Neither do I, of that I know
On the road we all must go

Ease your pain soften your heart
Look in the distant sky
For the answers you deny
Who are you and who am I?