Super Secret to Everlasting Business by Mr. Mir Faisal Talpur


Mr. Mir Faisal Talpur is a member of British Pakistan Foundations’ Entrprenuer Forum. He is the creator of Business DNA, Entrepreneur Maker, Business Megamiser, Powerpreneur, Reverse Engineering of Entrepreneurship, Risk Reversal and other methods created to eliminate hope and inspire natural rhythm of business success. His entrepreneurship programs help professionals to transition into the world of business and advanced business methods promote the rationale needed to cultivate harmony between business and its customers. He is the most sought after turnaround and growth specialist in the entrepreneur space.
Skilled consultant and business turnaround specialist, Technology enthusiast, Marketing and Property Investments expert. Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor, Innovator and a Visionary.

He is the Founder and CEO of Cinch Group of companies, The group focuses on High-End Strategic Business Advisory, Disruptive Technologies, Real Estate Portfolio and Investor Management, Marketing Infrastructures and Business Automation, who over the last 13 years has built 5 businesses in 5 different industry sectors across 4 countries.

His initial struggles made him realise that business is very difficult unless one consciously do certain things to make it easy, He always felt there is a real need to share deep practical knowledge that entrepreneurs can instantly apply and gain from. So, in an attempt to reduce the pain that an entrepreneur goes through and to help the business community Mr Faisal started creating videos/blogs/podcasts to benefit those who need it most. He shares his  experiences and those of others to benefit professionals and businesses alike. As they say, sharing is caring !

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