PAKISTAN – Old and New

Travelling through Pakistan with common sense as your guide
Camels, Donkeys, horses; just a few of the things you’ll ride
A wonderful land of civilization rich in Culture and History
Seek and you’ll discover many a fascinating mystery

Old and new lifestyles blend seamlessly together
Leaving you with fond memories that will be with you forever
People and animals mix with cars and bullock carts
Memories and impressions get implanted on your hearts

Jinnah, Iqbal, and other great leaders from the past they all call
From mud huts to grand mosques, Pakistan has it all
The Kalash, Moenjoadro, and the valleys where the nightingale sings
Just a small selection of Pakistan’s wondrous things

Moenjoadro, Taxilla, and Derishahan,
Some of the ancient places first inhabited by man
The Badhshahi mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan and K2
Just, some of the reasons why you must visit too

This land of magnificent history and culture calls you from the past
A warm welcome awaits you, but you’ll never be the last
To try to solve the mysteries of Taxilla and the conquering Kings
These remain forever among life’s mysterious and wondrous things

Now I have to go for I have lots to do and see
No doubt one day you will also agree
This wonderful land of Pakistan is where you want to be
So why not start to plan your trip today
To visit this beautiful land to get away

Pakistan Zindabad!!!


By : Zulfi Hussain MBE