Qlu Health is a consumer genetics company consisting of specialists in innovative genetic testing. Their work with leading laboratories and researchers has seen them develop a number of at-home tests for individuals to do in order to find out more about their health and ways to improve it.

NutriQluCardiacQluCancerQlu and GutQlu are tests that measure anything from body performance to cardiovascular risk, hereditary cancers to bacteria count in your intestine. Once you have provided a sample and sent it back to Qlu HQ, their expert technicians analyse your sample using only the latest technologies, in order to create a detailed report that is tailored to you. The report will not only break down your provided sample, but will also discuss any predispositions, as well as advice on how to become the healthiest version of yourself.

Qlu Health also engage in corporate health, working with companies to undertake tests on employees wishing to know about themselves. They offer financial and incentive-driven models at no cost and provide everything needed in order to educate your company on maintaining their health.

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