Travel with Scotistani

I believe that travel is so much more than simply seeing the sights. Come, celebrate with me the culture, the heritage and the art of Scotland and Pakistan- the Scotistani style.

As a Pakistani woman, there is much to love about Scotland, my adopted home. Work keeps me here at Glasgow, but the rest of the country is where I find my freedom, amidst its history, heritage and culture. There is much to explore, from nature and beaches, myth and folklore, castles and cuisine; and I am always on the lookout for an opportunity to explore.

As much as it is to get away and partake of all that Scotland has to offer, my travel and sightseeing escapades are part of the desire to share all that I love about this country with the wider world.

Follow me, as I bring you through my vlogs, all that is wonderful and exciting about Scotland and Pakistan viewed through a Pakistani lens and a South Asian sensibility. I will also explore the heritage and history that links the UK and Pakistan.

Traveling alone is no fun, so join me on my travels and explore the diversity, creativity and dynamism of Scottish and Pakistani communities that make Scotland such an exciting place to be.

Anila Ansari


Golra Railway Station – Pakistan

If you are a  railway enthusiast or someone who loves Victorian architecture or places steeped in history then here is a wee treat for you.  We take you to the 140 years old Golra Railway Station built by the British in 1881 as a small railway station serving the garrison city of Rawalpindi in what is today Sector E-11 in Islamabad.

It was upgraded as a junction in 1912 and served as the main logistics artery for British India during the Afghan military campaigns at the turn of the 20th century.

A Railway Heritage Museum was established at the station in October 2003. From relics dating back to the inception of railways in the subcontinent by the British to memorabilia depicting the creation of the museum are housed and preserved in this heritage site.

The station has a large yard where you can see cranes, trolleys, saloon cars, locomotives, coaches, railway relics that have become extinct on the railway lines around the world – a German postal car, a saloon car used by the last Indian viceroy, Lord Mountbatten, and another saloon car belonging to the Maharaja of Jodhpur from the Jodhpur Railways given as a wedding present to his daughter are a few examples.

Let’s step back in time, happy viewing