British Pakistan Foundation


8th November 2023

British Pakistan Foundation condemns collective punishment of the Palestinians, urging for an immediate ceasefire.

The British Pakistan Foundation expresses profound sorrow over the devastating crisis in Gaza and the West Bank. We strongly urge the Israeli Government to promptly halt its actions and expedite the humanitarian relief efforts.

The distressingly large loss of civilian lives, particularly of the children, the mass displacement of civilians, and the severe scarcity of essential supplies to survive, are matters of deep concern. These circumstances require immediate attention and collective action. The British Pakistan Foundation stands in solidarity with the humanitarian organisations in their plea for an immediate ceasefire.

We implore the UK Government and all involved parties to halt hostilities, safeguard the lives of innocent civilians, and uphold international humanitarian law.

Donate and support the humanitarian agencies on the ground to save lives:

UNICEF: Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP):

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