The 56th UK General Election saw a record number of British Pakistanis being elected to Parliament.

Ten British Pakistanis representing Labour, the Conservatives and the Scottish National Party (SNP) have been elected as MPs in this historic election, which has seen high levels of diversity and ethnic minority representation. This marks the changing electoral map in the UK, and the growing prominence of British Pakistanis in the political sphere.

Sajid Javid, the Conservative Party’s first Muslim cabinet minister, has been re-elected as MP for Bromsgrove. Other British Pakistani Conservative MPs include Rehman Chisti from Gillingham & Rainham and Nusrat Ghani from Wealden.  From Labour, Yasmin Qureshi has been elected from Bolton South East,  Shabana Mahmood from Birmingham Ladywood, Khalid Mahmood from Birmingham Perry Bar, Imran Hussain from Bradford East, Sadiq Khan from Tooting and Naseem Shah from Bradford West.  Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, representing the SNP,  has been elected  from Ochil & South Perthshire.

At BPF, we would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to all the British Pakistanis who have been newly elected or re-elected!