An “Internships and Work Placements” Scheme has been developed under the “Young Professionals Programme” by leveraging the “Business and Professionals Programme” in partnership with a range of organizations across industry sectors.
This scheme aims to provide students, graduates and returners the opportunity to gain valuable skills, improve their employability and to encourage greater socio-economic diversity within different industry sectors. At the same time, this scheme also benefits our partners and potential employers by providing them access to talented graduates from a diverse range of backgrounds across industry sectors and helps them meet their diversity targets.

The “Internships and Work Placements” are merit-based, available at different durations and on different payment basis which will be confirmed with the organization providing the specific “Internship or Work Placement” at the time of the interview.
We will update the “Internships and Work Placements” on this page on a monthly basis and candidates will need to apply before the end of each month (please refer to the section “How do I apply” below).

Please note that these opportunities are only available to members of the British Pakistan Foundation and to find out more about how to become a member, please visit the “Join Us” page.

UK Medical Aid to Pakistan (UKMAP)

Medical Aid to Pakistan was founded after the 2005 earthquake to provide emergency relief and sustainable support for the disaster impacted areas of Pakistan. Today we continue to provide emergency relief, most recently for victims of the earthquake in Baluchistan and the DG Khan floods, healthcare projects and individual funding for medical training.

All our projects focus on providing a healthier and brighter future for young people and families in Pakistan.

Positions Available:

  •  Content Curator for UK Medical Aid to Pakistan (UKMAP)
  • click HERE for detailed Job description 

Send your CVs and Cover Letters to:

Am I eligible?

The scheme is open to all Members of the British Pakistan Foundation who are undergraduates, graduates, post graduates and returners (who are returning to work from a career break). In some cases, certain organizations will also provide work placements to pre-university students and this should be clearly stated in the application on submission.

What can I get out of the scheme?

You will gain valuable work experience and skills which will help you obtain a full-time position in the future. You will widen your professional network and receive useful career guidance. You will also receive guidance on producing an excellent CV and Cover Letter, as well as, good interview technique.

How do I apply?

Please send your CV and Cover Letter stating the specific “Internship and / or Work Placement” to the BPF Office on

The BPF Office will review each application and then submit it to the relevant organization who will then get in touch with the candidate to arrange an interview. The candidate must keep the BPF Office informed of progress.

If the candidate is unsuccessful with their first choice, we will then identify another suitable “Internship and / or Work Placement” and after discussing this with the candidate, we will then submit the application on behalf of the candidate. We will aim to match the candidate with an opportunity that is based within reasonable travelling distance, but this may not be possible in some cases.

In the event that the BPF Office is unable to identify a suitable “Internship and / or Work Placement” at the time of your application, your name will be placed on a waiting list until a suitable opportunity is available.

How can I find out more?

If you have any further questions about how the scheme operates, please contact the BPF Office on