The Women’s Programme (WP) is an exciting movement. The British Pakistan Foundation hosts events for professional women on a platform where support, skills and stories define a new way of engagement. From banking and finance to fashion and art, the Women’s Programme is made up of experts, senior professionals and women at the top of their game across the spectrum of industry sectors; these inspirational voices create and encourage a powerful narrative where historically, there have been no voices. The stories and experiences shared amongst the network are often found to be unique and invaluable, particularly to members of our Young Professionals Programme entering the job market.

The Women’s Programme aims to continuously engage and provide support to British Pakistani women, and build on the platform with ideas exchange and peer-to-peer support and achieve this through seminars, workshops, intimate round-table gatherings and formal dinners. Members of the Women’s Programme also provide mentoring to our Young Professionals Programme, creating the cycle of skills sharing, giving and encouragement for our young members to become successful and empowered future leaders and receive long-term support.


BPF Women's Programme Advisors

Women’s Programme Activities


Professional development workshops on topics such as presentation and leadership skills, public speaking and personal branding aimed to support British Pakistani women succeed in the workplace.

Panel Discussions

We offer panel discussions by senior members in various fields and have partnered with leading British firms to share knowledge skills with British Pakistani women. Panel discussions create opportunities for women to meet, learn from and engage with other women.

Inspirational Speaker Series

British Pakistani women have positively contributed to the UK across various sectors and have been recognized as leading practitioners in the UK in their respective fields. We offer our members an opportunity to listen and learn from these top experts in our inspirational speaker series.

Fashion, Health, Culture and Arts

We offer an opportunity for professional women to share and celebrate the wonderful arts and culture heritage of Pakistan through private views and guided tours of great Pakistani artists at galleries around London, fashion shows and talks by leaders in the fashion world to inspire young women to enter this field. As well as hosting wellbeing seminars focusing on raising awareness about mental, physical and nutritional wellbeing of professional women

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