“Job Opportunities” Scheme has been developed under the “Young Professionals Programme” by leveraging the “Business and Professionals Programme” in partnership with a range of organizations across industry sectors.

This scheme aims to help students, graduates, young professionals, experienced professionals and returners the opportunity to improve their employment prospects and to encourage greater socio-economic diversity within different industry sectors. At the same time, this scheme also benefits our partners and potential employers by providing them access to talented candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds across industry sectors and helps them meet their diversity targets.

The “Job Opportunities” are merit-based, available at different locations and on different compensation basis which will need to be confirmed with the organization providing the specific “Job Opportunity” during the application process (please refer to the section “How to I apply” below for details).

We will update the “Job Opportunities” on this page on a monthly basis and candidates will need to apply before the deadline for each opportunity directly to the organization (please refer to the section “How do I apply” below).
Please note that these opportunities are only available to members of the British Pakistan Foundation and to find out more about how to become a member, please visit the “Join Us” page.

We currently have the following “Job Opportunities” available with our partners (To apply please refer to the section “How do I apply” below):

The Aziz Foundation

The Aziz Foundation is seeking passionate, aspirational Muslims who wish to positively transform attitudes towards Muslims and increase representation of Muslims in civil society. Tuition fee scholarships for 50 Master’s degrees are on offer, open to British Muslim students. Following the shortlisting process, applicants are invited to interview before they are selected. For more information, visit http://azizfoundation.org.uk/50scholarships/

National Curriculum Test development

Roles will be available from March 2019 and onward. As part of the National Curriculum Test development, there is a group who review test materials from a representation, diversity and inclusion perspective. A procurement process is about to start to identify people / organisations who have some knowledge, expertise and / or prior experience of promoting inclusion and diversity.

Anyone interested can contact the Procurement team onTendersTD.STA@education.gov.uk



Am I eligible?

The scheme is open to all Members of the British Pakistan Foundation who are undergraduates, graduates, post graduates, young professionals, experienced professionals and returners (who are returning to work from a career break).

How do I apply?

Please send your CV and Cover Letter stating the specific “Job Opportunity” and “referring BPF” to the key contact person for the individual job opportunity (provided above) before the deadline for each job opportunity (provided above).

The candidate must keep the BPF Office informed of progress.

How can I find out more?

If you have any further questions about how the scheme operates, please contact the BPF Office on info@bpfuk.org.