BPF Entrepreneurs Forum and BPF Women’s Programme: BPF and Stairs & Shares, Entrepreneur Series: Knowledge Café, RSA, London & artFix Woolwich
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01/01/2018 - 28/02/2018 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Knowledge Café, RSA, London


Event Start Date:
18th January 2018
Event End Date:
18th January 2018
Event Venue:

 BPF has partnered with “Stairs and Shares” to bring you an exclusive series of “Knowledge Cafes for Entrepreneurs”. These are micro social support sessions for entrepreneurs.  They promote social learning between entrepreneurs. They have a maximum capacity of 10 entrepreneurs per session.  These peer to peer sessions help entrepreneurs learn from each other.  They promote innovation, horizontal learning and knowledge sharing.  1,000 entrepreneurs have used them to build successful businesses in the last 6 years.  These events will run from January to February 2018 on a weekly basis.  As a reminder they are free.  However, if someone wants to meet the support providers outside the group then there may be a charge. All our members are encouraged to follow the EMCC code of the ethics. London Business Journal will also randomly select and highlight one business a month from those that attend these knowledge cafes.


We are also running one to one business support sessions to help entrepreneurs.  They focus on giving the entrepreneur an outside look into their businesses.  This helps to identify risks and highlights the obvious areas of concerns.  All these sessions are free and there is no expectation of a commitment to buy any services.  All sessions last 45 mins. and are offered over skype unless you agree otherwise. All these service providers are offering this support as part of their CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility programs.  This means they are qualified, experienced and specialize in the support they offer.   They all abide by the EMCC code of the ethics


Book your place on the group workshop here: http://www.stairsandshares.com/knowledge-cafes-london.html


Book your place on the 1 to 1 session here:http://www.stairsandshares.com/1-to-1-support-sessions.html