The BPF Corporate Membership encourages businesses to take part in supporting BPF’s key initiatives & promote their offering through BPF’s online platforms.

Corporate Membership benefits:

  • BPF will promote corporate member event / product / service on BPF monthly update & social media
    • Up to 4 events / products / services promotions per year
    • Max. of one event / product / service promotion per quarter
  • Monthly Update x 1 per event / product / service per quarter
  • Facebook post x 2 per event / product / service per quarter
  • Twitter post x 2 per event / product / service per quarter
  • LinkedIn post x 2 per event / product / service per quarter
  • Instagram post x 2 event / product / services per quarter (depending on event/product & services)
  • Recognition as Corporate Member on BPF website & in annual impact report
  • Will receive the BPF Premier Club Membership Card entitling them to various discounts and benefits from a variety of companies that we have partnered with.


A business can become a Premier Member – Corporate by giving a contribution of £250 per annum to BPF and offering a Premier Member benefit for BPF Premier Member Club.

This Contribution goes towards supporting BPF’s 3 key programmesone for the specific needs of professionals and entrepreneurs, one for women and one for the youth:

  • Business & Professional Programme
  • Women’s Programme
  • Young Professional’s Programme

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