A Mentoring Scheme has been developed under the “Young Professionals Programme” leveraging the “Business and Professionals Programme” focusing on addressing under-representation of British Pakistani professionals in different industry sectors such as those for:

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Finance
  • Professional Services
  • Digital Services & Technology
  • Entrepreneurship & Start Ups
  • Other

This scheme aims to encourage greater socio-economic diversity within different industry sectors and at all levels. The primary aim is to provide advice, guidance and help to young professionals and graduates from across a broad spectrum of industry sectors and specialisms.
The main focus will be:
a) advice in career development encompassing undergraduate to Partnership/ Silk/ Managing Director/ CEO/ Consultant;
b) judicial appointment-covering the full range for the legal profession;
c) creating a support network –where professionals from different industry sectors can share their knowledge and experience

The Mentors

These have been selected for their years of service and breadth of experience within their chosen field but also for their commitment to helping aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs such as lawyers, doctors, accountants etc. They are appointed for an initial period of 12 months and may seek re-appointment.

Am I eligible?

The scheme is open to undergraduates and graduates (who intend to embark on a professional career within Law, Medicine, Finance, Professional Services, Digital Services & Technology, Entrepreneurship & Start Ups etc.), as well as, entrepreneurs and professionals at different levels of their careers for e.g. barristers, solicitors, associates, trainee lawyers, chartered legal executives, in-house counsel, junior doctors, registrars, accountants, auditors, software engineers, financial advisors etc.

What can I get out of the scheme?

This scheme will encourage and support professionals within sectors such as: Law, Medicine, Finance, Professional Services, Digital Services & Technology, Entrepreneurship & Start Ups.

The purpose of this scheme will be to provide an environment to:

  • share issues their experience;
  • help deal with issues inhibiting their application for promotion, within the work place and external appointments such as judicial office within the legal profession (e.g. concerns of work/life balance, self-confidence, self-perception) and receive confidential advice, support and guidance from a mentor)
  • establish what skills and experiences are needed to support their application for promotion or for pursuing a particular career track for e.g. judicial office within the legal profession
  • identify areas where further development and experience is required and consider how these may be acquired

How do I apply?

The BPF OFFICE will identify a mentor who matches your requirements (as far as possible). The aim will be to match a mentor who is based within reasonable travelling distance.
Once a suitable match has been identified, you will be provided with the mentor’s contact details so that you can make the initial contact.
In the event that the BPF Office is unable to identify a suitable mentor at the time of your application, your name will be placed on a waiting list until a suitable match is available.
if you require mentoring.

How can I find out more?

If you have any further questions about how the scheme operates, please contact the BPF Office on