By: Sana Lakhani


The past week, we witnessed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarking on a Royal Tour of our beloved Pakistan. They effortlessly toured the second largest country in the Commonwealth and here are some of our key highlights.

  1. William’s touching tribute to the country  

During a special reception hosted by the British High Commissioner in Islamabad, the Duke recognised the country’s troubled past. He recognised the hardship that Pakistan has had to endure as a young country and made a promise to Pakistan that they could rely on Britain as ‘a key partner and your friend’.

  1. The couple brought awareness to a global issue – Climate Change impacting Pakistan

After arriving in Chitral district, the couple overlooked the northern top of the Chiatibo Glacier in the Broghil National Park which was retreating rapidly. The Duke highlighted that the communities more vulnerable to change needed more awareness of climate change and urged the urged the UK and Pakistan to ‘work together’ amid an ‘impending global catastrophe’ over climate change.

  1. The special security relationship between the UK and Pakistan is helping to keep British People safe.

During their visit to an army dog training school in Islamabad where a number of UK troops are currently based, Prince William highlighted the importance UK-Pakistani security working together. In this centre, dogs are trained to identify explosives at the school and although a number of past UK terror plots have been linked back to Pakistan, the Duke outlined that ‘we’re involved with the Pakistanis for a very good reason. It will actually keep people safe back in the UK’.

  1. Kate’s coincidental homage to Diana

As usual, the Duchess was praised for her elegant style choices and this particular time round, she was praised for her style’s coincidental similarity to Diana’s. Maheen Khan who designed a traditional blue kurta for the Duchess said ‘I didn’t even see the clothes Princess Diana wore on her visit to Pakistan. This is all just a coincidence…I just thought about what would suit Kate’.

  1. The Royal Couple’s impromptu return to SOS Children’s Village

Following plane drama, the Duke and Duchess keenly returned to SOS Children’s Village for an unscheduled second visit. Here they took part in a cricket match and joined the children in an arts and craft session. Following the tour, the Duchess of Cambridge paid an emotional tribute to these orphans in her first ever Instagram post.

Overall, this historical visit marked a symbol of hope for a stable relationship between the UK and Pakistan, as well as the beginning of a notion that Pakistan has a future that it has always deserved.